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At WorldTech Management Solutions, we design, sell, install, and support complete network solutions for businesses of all sizes. By making it our business to comprehensively care for your technology, we empower you to effectively move your company forward.

9 Reasons Smart Businesses Choose A Managed Service Provider

More than two in three businesses start at home—so it’s no surprise even the fastest-growing small and medium businesses (SMBs) don’t have a dedicated IT team, at least early on. However, this trend tends to continue even after a company moves out of the proverbial garage and takes on a more traditional corporate structure—27% of small businesses say they have no IT support, and 80% are still using manual integration tools.

That said, IT support isn’t an all-or-nothing for SMBs. Increasingly, companies are choosing managed IT services to support their growth, scale and security. These third-party service providers oversee a business’ IT including servicing, technology, equipment and troubleshooting either in-person or remotely, for a monthly fee that, typically, is significantly less than bringing on a full-time team or, even, solo professional.

This support-with-savings perk, though, is just the beginning. By bringing on managed IT services, your business will benefit from added expert insights and support, access to leading edge technology and the assurance that your and your customers’ tech-based needs are being managed promptly and properly—plus…

#1. Improved IT Security and Compliance

Depending on your industry, there are likely several security and compliance mandates your business needs to follow. From HIPAA to GDPR to state-specific regulations, these often complex compliance requirements are mandatory for businesses—and, often, they include in-depth technology and backend updates, adjustments and specifications.

Try to go it alone and, despite your best efforts, you may miss the mark—and that could result in massive fines, ranging from a few thousand to a few million dollars. But, with a managed IT services team, you’ll be able to turn compliance over to them, and know you’re fully in-step with the latest policies, laws and regulations governing the digital business landscape.

#2. Proactive Problem Resolutions

If you’re without consistent IT services, chances are you hold your breath every time your computer runs a little slower, your network seems off or you can’t get online. If you don’t have the in-house talent to resolve even basic tech issues, you could be setting yourself up for major problems—and major headaches—in the not-too-distant future.

Not only will a managed IT services team help troubleshoot but, equally importantly, they’ll consistently monitor your system and solutions, ensuring nothing is veering off course. By being proactive, you’ll avoid many costly repairs down the road—repairs that, often, could have been resolved by having an IT team on-hand, ironing out minor maintenance issues earlier on.

#3. Enhanced Uptime

In that vein, the better and more proactive your maintenance and troubleshooting, the less downtime you’ll experience—and that’s, simply, good business.

Whether you’re an e-commerce business that doesn’t want your buyers to experience any lag in their path to purchase, or a sales organization that needs to keep your team communicating 24/7, the less downtime, the better. Every minute your technology is up and running is another minute you could be engaging and activating your core audience—and driving more revenue to your bottom line.

#4. Access to Cutting-edge Technology

If you don’t have an IT team, chances are you’re spending a tremendous amount of time researching the latest and greatest hardware, software and infrastructures to help your organization maintain your competitive advantage—or, worse, you aren’t. Either way, it’s a lose/lose. Dedicate your time to this critical task and you aren’t focusing on business building activities. Stick with the status quo and you’ll likely devote too much time and talent just to keep pace with the competition, since you don’t have the technology in place to drive your business forward.

With a pro managed IT services team in place, you’ll have access to insights, recommendations and best practices to help your business excel. Experts in their field, your IT team will handle the heavy lifting, creating a technology plan and roll out that syncs with your business, your needs and your budget, helping you get—and stay—ahead of the curve.

#5. Improved Cost Savings

While, again, it’s significantly less expensive to bring on managed service provider versus hiring full-time talent, that’s just the beginning of the cost benefits. With your expert IT team in place, they’ll be able to evaluate your existing systems and technologies, making recommendations surrounding hardware, software and network infrastructure. This will help you better allocate your IT budget—and, no doubt, save significant money in the process.

Managed IT services teams will also be able to help you and your staff make the most of your existing investments. Often, companies aren’t using their technology and tools to the fullest. By bringing in a pro, you’ll be able to maximize systems and solutions, streamlining your processes and driving greater ROI as a result.

#6. Increased Staff—Without Increased Costs

Many SMBs can’t afford an IT staff—or, even, a single IT pro. Bring on managed IT services, though, and you’re instantly expanding your team and your tech talent, without overhead—and at a fraction of the cost of dedicated, in-house IT.

But it’s not just the IT staff getting a boost. That marketer you have working on new shared folders for everyone? She can get back to her day-to-day, and likely drive more value for the organization by doing what you hired her to do—and not trying to serve as your fall-back IT team.

By bringing in pros, you won’t have to “outsource” these tasks internally and, instead, can empower your team—and yourself—to get back to business. This will not only drive greater ROI and scale, but will create greater job satisfaction and commitment—chances are, people will be thrilled to get back to their work and away from hit-or-miss IT projects.

#7. Expanded Cloud Solutions

When you’re a one-entrepreneur show, it’s easy to keep your files and contacts on your desktop or other personal file and call it a day. However, as your business grows and scales, it’s essential you adopt a safe, secure and shared approach to data and content management. Managed IT services teams can help.

For many SMBs, this means expanding cloud computing, storage and other solutions. Instead of trying to establish this framework on your own—and spend a tremendous amount of time and resources migrating everything over—your IT team can dive in, seamlessly shifting your workflows and establishing an approach that makes sense. It’s simple, it’s collaborative and, in many cases, it’s required—and, once complete, it’s a win for your business.

#8. Total Flexibility and Versatility

Hire a single or even small team of IT professionals and, even if they’re great, chances are they have areas of expertise and areas of little to no experience or exposure.

With an outside managed IT services team, you’ll have unparalleled flexibility and versatility—your team will, likely, be part of a larger organization. That means if your immediate teams lacks a certain skill or resource, they can tap someone in their extended network to jump in and help out. That added versatility and flexibility will ensure any and every project gets done and gets done right.

#9. Peace of Mind

All of these benefits ultimately amount to one thing: total peace of mind. When you have a managed IT services team at the ready, you know your software, hardware and infrastructure are being maintained properly and that, should any issue arise, you have the support and talent to troubleshoot and get you back on track immediately. That’s a much-needed peace of mind for any business owner, big or small—and that’s what you get when you integrate a professional managed IT service provider like WorldTech Management Solutions.



At WorldTech Management Solutions, we design, sell, install, and support complete network solutions for businesses of all sizes. By making it our business to comprehensively care for your technology, we empower you to effectively move your company forward.

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