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Offsite Backups: Why Does Your Company Need Them?

Why Do I Need Offsite Backups?

Offsite backups are an important method of backing up all data on a remote server. There are several ways to do this including loading data onto a file and using cloud backups. If your company isn’t doing this, it can present a very costly concern for you.
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Imagine a Simple and Common Situation

Here’s a common scenario: your company’s payroll, invoices, customer data, and financial documents are all managed in-house. You know the risks of having someone tampering with your information through cyber threats. You’ve done a good job of locking down this information inhouse.

But then, there’s a fire—it happens quickly and unexpectedly and, within moments, all of your data is gone. There’s no way to get it back. How could you put your company back together?

It’s a simple scenario but one that’s all too common—and it clearly illustrates the need for businesses to utilize cloud-based and/or offsite backups.

Why Backups Are So Critical

It’s not uncommon for companies—especially smaller businesses—to think they’re safe simply because they’re using a secondary method for data storage such as a USB drive or external hard drive.

While these are good backup tools, when a catastrophic incident occurs, these secondary backups are just as vulnerable as the first set. What’s to stop a flood, fire, theft or act of vandalism from damaging these backups?

Even if you take that external hard drive with you, there’s still a significant amount of risk present.

  • Someone breaking in to steal information is going to steal those drives, too.
  • An overnight fire or flood will damage both copies.
  • A simple accident—a maintenance crew cleans your desk and the USB lands in the garbage can, by accident.

It’s best to store your data someplace outside of the location you operate in and away from most risks.

What Can You Do to Shore Up These Risks?

If you have any type of physical media you need to manage, there are various tools that ensure content is always safe and secure—backups that don’t require cloud-based solutions because, very simply, they exist outside of the building.

For most companies, though, the data they need to protect is online or in computer systems. By far, the best way to backup this data offsite is to use cloud services. This allows you to constantly be storing data of all types on another server far from your location. It’s unlikely that an event would impact both locations at the same time. That means your data is always accessible to you—but properly protected as well—from most risks.

How to Get the Help You Need Now

WorldTech Management Solutions provides a range of tools that support end-to-end network security. Cloud services is a component of that. Our cloud backup technology is designed to ensure all of your data is available to you if and when you need it.

Our processes and security systems also ensures data is being stored to the cloud on a routine basis—without you having to remember to do so. Also, the backup services we offer meet all major compliance requirements, including HIPAA, ALTA, and PCI.

Not sure the right offsite backup or cloud computing that’s right for you? Let our team at WorldTech Management Solutions help you. Get in touch to learn more about all of our network security and backup solutions.

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