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WorldTech vigilantly monitors your networks from our office in Arlington, Tennessee, and IT professionals are available around the clock to assist you remotely or hands-on with software and hardware problems on yours. Keeping your business up and running is our priority.

When you contact WorldTech about a service plan, we'll immediately begin assessing your needs and generating cost-effective plans including the below listed solutions.

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System Monitoring

With WorldTech's monitoring software, we can monitor your system in real-time. This allows our engineers to proactively respond to potential issues before they ever affect your workflow. We monitor your systems hardware, RAM utilization, CPU utilization, hard drive space, and much more..

System Optimization

WorldTech's monitoring software allows our team to make sure your system is running at its peak performance. We know when it needs to run a system defrag or a disk clean up, so you never have to wonder in your computer could be working better.

Patch Management

WorldTech takes the thinking out of patching your systems. We proactively test, verify, and install patches on your schedule. This keeps all of your systems up to date, ensuring your business stays on the cutting edge of technology.

Software Deployment

Keeping track of software licenses with different vendors can be a real pain. When they don't work together, it's easy to forget exactly what software licenses you have. WorldTech maintains your licenses for you, ensuring you're using authorized, trustworthy, copies of your software.

Help Desk

With Managed Services, you get unlimited access to our certified help desk engineers 24/7/365. Our help desk will help you solve any issue, regardless of its size, until it's completely resolved.

IT Consulting

As a member of our Managed Services, you gain access to unlimited IT Consulting. We will help you build out and implement any IT project. We will help you achieve your business goals without the hassle.

Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus Protection

WorldTech will provide you with award winning Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus protection. There's no need to sift through mountains of software, guessing at which is right for you. We assess your needs and find your perfect match.

Network Monitoring

WorldTech's monitoring software allows our network engineers to maintain your network and make sure you're running at peak performance. We squash bugs before they get the chance to cause problems.


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